Foley Americana Film Review Rubric
Adequate opening sentence that gives the reader some indication of your opinion.
Poor opening sentence- the reader is left wondering how you feel about the film.
Mentions key performers and roles they play.
Mentions key performers or their roles.
Fails to mention significant actors or characters by name.
Plot Summary
Provides a succinct plot synopsis without divulging too much about the film.
Provides an overly detailed plot synopsis or a synopsis that does not quite give the reader enough information
Provides so much information about the plot that the film is ruined for the viewer, or gives almost no information about the film.
Uses examples from the film.
Provides relevant examples/illustrations from the film to back-up the reviewer’s opinion about the film’s effectiveness.
Provides some examples of action/dialogue from the film that supports the opinion.
Includes no examples of action or dialogue from the film.
The opinion
Makes a provable case for the film’s merit and analyzes what worked and did not work in the film.
Voices an opinion but does not explain in depth why things in the film worked or didn’t.
Has virtually no opinion about the film or has an opinion that is not backed up by any examples from the film.
Quotes / Rating
Uses a quote from the film and has a rating
Uses a quote from the film or has a rating
Does not quote the film or provide a rating
Inspired word choice/ writing fluency
Chooses interesting appropriate words and well-constructed sentences and paragraphs.
Uses appropriate word choice but may have a few poorly constructed sentences
Inappropriate word choices, poorly constructed sentences or paragraphs.

Spring 2019:

Wizard of Oz
Citizen Kane

1980's T.V. Shows
Cosby Show
Family Ties
Miami Vice
Hill Street Blues

1970's T.V. Shows:
Happy Days
Laverene and Shirley
All in the Family
Mork and Mindy
Barney Miller
Green Acres